2021 Spring Registration

Registration is now OPEN for the 2021 spring baseball season. HBCR has many areas where we could use your help. If your interested in volunteering, take a look at our league representatives page to find a committee you would like to help with. If you have any questions reach out to a board member below. When registering your player this year, remember to use the comment box for all special requests (we're booked on Tuesday nights, I want my kid to play with our neighbor Johnny Appleseed) because once rosters are assigned, they are set in stone.

Please mark your calendar with these important dates: (subject to change)

  • Assessments - Minors/Majors - 3/14 Milford Dome 8:30am-9:30am, Rookies - 3/20 (outdoor location, time, TBD, weather dependent). More details to follow.
  • Field Cleanup Weekend - 4/3 (weather dependent)
  • Opening Day - 4/10 (weather dependent)
  • Championship Weekend - 6/5

Matt Ciardelli/Seth Myers, Co-Presidents

Matt Ciardelli/Seth Myers, Co-Vice Presidents

Katy Imbrogno, Secretary

Derek Spenser, Treasurer

Joe Connelly, Babe Ruth Coordinator

Don Rogers, Majors Coordinator

Jon Juchnevics, Minors Coordinator

Eric Penniman, T-Ball/Rookies Coordinator


by: Seth Myers

The offseason

HBCR Families ---

Welcome to the offseason!  What a great year we had playing baseball given the circumstances. While your baseball players are resting their arms and legs, your Hollis Brookline Cal Ripken board is busy planning winter and spring baseball. Indoor winter clinics with our local partners will soon be open for registration, field improvements are ongoing.

The baseball planning board has vacancies which are listed on the “league representatives” part of our homepage. Many of our committees require multiple people to perform those roles. Our board and committees work year round so please reach out with any questions you may have about volunteering. Email any member of the baseball board if you are interested in helping out.


Have a great winter,

HBCR Board

by: Seth Myers